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Dear God
Strength is only what we put on our masks so that other do not see our fear;
that creeping fear that steals your breath
your words
and makes everything harder
day after day
Slowly you get used to the panic
Slowly you get lost to that void
Slowly you lose yourself
in the gripping terror
that you could lose her
This mask in place is to keep you smiling
This mask on my face is to keep you from guessing
that my worst fear
is a day without you here
Please, God, if you hear me, if you are there
Save her
Not for me
Not for my selfish reasons
But because True Strength is hard to find in this world
Because a true smile is a rare gift
Because no one can replace a Mother
Because no one can ever compare to her
This world needs her
Her voice
Her smile
Her strength
Her will to continue past all that drags her down
I need her
I need her like no one else ever knows
Not even her
God, give me the strength she has
to keep my smile no matter the pain
to keep my voice no matter how much I scream
to keep my
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fredly aka Z aka Nuncia
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I am a <hidden gender> of <hidden> age, from <hidden location>. Other than that, I like drawing, eating, sleeping, and role playing. Having spent the better of my years writing stories and drawing, I have a wide range of things I can do with both.
  • Listening to: random mix
  • Reading: whatever I just posted up
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A lot of my newer additions have revolved around a specific scenario, aka Soulless Soldiers.

It is a very extensive story that has been in development between me and another for the better part of forever, and as such have more or less overflowed my mind. So the entries pertaining to specific madness is all pertaining to one specific character that has stolen my heart as readily as any other poor love sick fool.

Meet Faust, an Origin of the Soldiers. And meet now, his madness, as described by his closest friend throughout eternity. You will see that the story is more than just a simple plot line, yet Faust's story is particularly close to me, as the sheer amount of struggling he does against fate, life and time is in a word, amazing.

He sold his soul to fight in a war that he had no reason to be in, all for the power to have his love back, and the promise of her soul in return for his participation. Out of this sheer dedication, he had risen fast and far as one of the most powerful of the soldiers, yet never wavered in his love for his lost wife, Ceras. His dear friend often asked him throughout the ages why he fought so hard for her, and he could only come up with one reason.

She was everything; without her, there is nothing.

His friend kept true to his word, and as the war was won, he was given his wifes soul, and a new life to live with her...

But fate is a bitch.

Not more than a year was he able to spend with his darling, and as they knew they were expecting his first son, his happiness couldnt have been more complete.... nor could it have been so completely broken, when the barrier threw him out of the world, far from his love, with no way back to her.

It was then that his madness set in so completely, that he worked tirelessly for an age to break this barrier, to have his wife back. But as immortal as he was, he forgot how time still moved for those who were not graced as he was. By the time his friend had found him again, many years later, it was too late for Ceras. She was mortal, and as such, would have succumb to aging as mortals do, and it was this that broke Faust for the final time. That he had once again failed. That once again, he was left desolate in a world that now held no meaning for him.

And so in his madness, he chose to refuse the obvious facts of life and time, and instead chose to believe she was still alive, waiting for him somewhere in the world, if only he could find her...

Such dedication to one single thought, while some believe it as madness, I see it as amazing. That one man could be so dedicated to the life of another, that his own life is nothing if but a conduit for her return.

The question lingering now is simple. Will he find her soul, and be at peace in this new life once more; or is he so far gone that not even his love would recognize him in his madness, and that peace would only find him if it were through death?

The ending is to be see through the eyes of the beholder, and as the conduits of inspiration flicker with new light, may they bring forth new life for this plight, and give this man the peace he deserves above all else-- whether it be by his happiness restored, or his life ended, so that their twin souls may wander freely in the world, together for eternity....

The die are cast. Now we wait for the threads of fate to be woven into this tapestry we have begun....


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Zarconianematica Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I asked a few silly questions that I thought would be interesting, though the first two are a serious curiosity for me~! (sent via note)

Cant wait to read more! And thank you so much for letting me join the fan club!
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